Beautify Your Sanctuary!

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Beautify Your Sanctuary with Cheap do it yourself Wall Decor.

I don’t know about you but everywhere I look for home decor I find myself thinking that I can’t afford it. I get the saying that nothing worth buying is cheap but I do love a great deal. So when I decided to remodel my Bedroom I went on a mission to find a great deal. Wanting to really update the room to look more like a retreat and a place I could relax I started to look for some art work. I quickly realized I have Champagne taste on a beer budget!

Searching for something I loved took far to much time and so it finally hit me… I asked myself, “Why don’t I just make something I will love?”. While I should have thought of it in the first place, I am glad I did finally did. This was so easy with the help of my fellow Pinterest DIY gurus. I found my new project. This easy do it yourself decor that was so simple I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it myself. All you need is some pretty fabric that you love and a few cheap frames…. hmmm. Cheap frames…
Well that was not easy to find either.

Finding Frames

Wanting some pretty big pieces of decor to fill that large empty space above my bed, I tried finding a cheap frame and that was not so easy. I looked around my house and remembered the frame I had gotten earlier for a poster I wanted to hang. I had gotten it for half price at my local craft store. It just so happened that the frames were still on sale for half price… That was great. I found three frames at two different sizes that I thought were going to work and I started to look for my fabric.

There are so many great choices in fabric and it was pretty easy to find a few I really liked. With so many options to choose from I decided to look for something bold and more on the fancy side. I hoped this would give me the look of that retreat I was going for.

Here are the steps I took to making my Sanctuary beautified!

For this DIY home decor project you will only need a few thing. The fabric, your frames and scissors. That’s it! Did I not say how easy this was?

Get started

Once you have your supplies just find a flat area that is large enough to work on. I used my office floor so that I could really spread out. Start by removing the back cardboard portionĀ and the paper display from the frame. Leave the clear plastic or glass in the frame. You could remove those if that is the look your going for. I wanted it to look like a framed piece of art so I left the clear plastic in place. Layout your fabric on top of the frame to measure how large you want it and place it so that the fabric is showing the design you would like to show.

After you have the correct placement cut out your selection leaving enough room to adjust it if needed. Then place the fabric inside the frame and stretch it to fit flat without wrinkles in your frame. Place the card board back into the frame. This is a pretty snug fit so be careful not rip the fabric with the little tabs around the edges. I didn’t need to cut the cardboard and it actually helped to keep the fabric flat with it being so tight.

Now you can trim the fabric around the frame some more so that it is not in the way while pressing the tabs back down into place.

Make sure to press the tabs down after the fabric is still stretched and not wrinkled.

Use a sharp blade to cut off more fabric if you would like. I didn’t worry about making it look so neat since nobody will see it but me.

Walaa, Here is the final piece. Now you can just repeat this for all of your frames and you will be done in a jiffy! So simple and really really makes a statement.

 Salt City DIY

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