Laundry Sign made from recycled frame.

Laundry sign made from recycled framed art work

Laundry signI often wonder what to do with old art or decor that is outdated or not my taste any longer. I came across some pins on pinterest that showed how to use old frames and thought I would give it a try.

At first I wasn’t sure how I wanted to go about this one, but I decided to make it a laundry room sign. My laundry room is a pretty drab place and needed some cheering up.

I had an old framed piece of art I had bought a very long time ago when I had my first apartment. I’m not sure where I got it but I can tell you it wasn’t expensive at all. I couldn’t afford much back then so It may have been at some discount store where I purchased it. At the time I really liked it and had it hung in my very first master bathroom.
before image
Now I am redecorating our new home and as much as I wanted to keep my favorite art pieces this is no longer one of them. So I decided to recycle it into a new sign for my laundry room.
laundry sign
So I found a cute saying that I liked and laid out the design in Adobe Illustrator.  Once I was happy with what I had, I had my boyfriend cut out the letters to my specification making sure they all fit nicely inside my old frame. You can find some really cute letters at your local craft store or you can find on some online websites as well. is a great place to find people who cut out wood letters and other craft materials.


For this sign I decided to use lattice boards that I found at my local hardware store. I wanted to have two different widths of the boards and these worked out so great. I cut those pieces to fit my old frame. The wood fit so perfectly together, I would use it again in the future for a foe pallet sign if needed. Plus the wood is very smooth and there was no need to sand it. I did however prime all of my pieces before painting. Any primer that works with acrylic paints will do.

prime Materials

After you have all of your pieces primed. You can pick out the color pallet for your sign. I wanted to make my laundry sign look a little weathered, so I painted a base color of a brown I had on hand and used a messy technique with a dry brush to give it an aged look. I was careful not to cover all of the white and concentrated the on the edges. Then I layered on the other colors I chose. In the end I had to touch up the brown in random places to get the look I wanted.

color Selection

I also contemplated leaving the boards white. This kind of reminded me of the oh so popular shiplap that everyone loves right now.  Which could be a very cool look as well.

glue Together

I used left over lattice board to secure the back of my sign together. Wood glue is always the best to use for wood pieces. Hot glue can work too,  but I find it doesn’t hold over time as well as the wood glue does. Make sure to let this dry overnight or for the recommended time frame on the bottle of glue you use.

One tip I suggest is to lay the boards in the frame before gluing the pieces together to make sure they will fit the frame. It will hold them nicely in place while drying is taking place… You can wait to glue the backing into the actual frame if you would like. I did wait until the last step to do so. Just in case I made any mistakes I wanted to be able to start over if needed.

After your boards have dried turn over the sign and layout your painted letters then glue those with wood glue in place. After the letters are glued to your laundry sign you can glue the frame onto the board and hang. I am pretty pleased with how easy this turned out. and now my laundry room is a little more cheerful place to be.

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