Welcome Sign

My easy to make Welcome Sign.

My front porch needs help!

I wanted to spruce it up for spring and summer time so I decided to make a quick easy welcome sign. This is so easy you can have your kids help you make it. Can you believe something can come together so easy? Well this one is as easy as it gets!

Using some left over pieces from an old weathered pallet and scrap MDF, I created this welcome sign for my front porch. I found one of the back boards from the pallet I had recently taken apart. It was a little bit wider and longer than the other pallet boards and decided it would be the perfect size… No cutting not mess. The only thing I did was sand it to get the rough edges off.

Welcome sign

For the welcome letters I had my handy man cut those out from the left over piece of MDF he had laying around. They came out perfect! If you don’t have access to a CNC machine yourself, you can easily find some letters at a craft store.  Also, I have found that my local Hobby Lobby store you can buy the actual word “welcome” spelled out in a very cute font.

The letters do not need to be cut from any particular kind of material but if you do use MDF make sure seal it. To do this use a mixture of half wood glue and half water to seal the edges and a good coat of primer before painting. Make sure all materials you use for your welcome sign can handle being in the great outdoors.

Now you are ready to start

Stain your background piece of wood. This can be a little messy so find something to use as a drop cloth or in this case I use a left over piece of particle board.  Use gloves to keep it off your skin and an old towel to rub the stain into the clean wood.

Stain and wood

I used a can of left over stain. It was the perfect dark color I wanted for the contrast between my letters and my background. Red Mahogany was a great choice but you can use any color you like and I am sure it will look just as beautiful!

After letting your items dry you can start to plan out the design. You might want to add some other elements to the design. I am so ready for spring so I wanted to use some flowers for my sign to make it feel a little more like spring. If you have ever been to, or lived in Utah then you know we have crazy weather. We can live through all four seasons in just a few day around this time of year. So my hope is, if I paint some cute easy flowers randomly on my welcome sign spring will magically appear.

Welcome sign  Welcome sign

Paint your letters in a color or your choice. I mixed a blue and green color to  get the color I was thinking of. On a piece of scrap wood I painted the color and held it up to the wood until I found the right hue. This saved a lot of time in the long run. Keeping me from having to repaint the actual letters. Once I got the right color I painted each letter giving each one a few coats of paint to make sure they were covered completely.

Welcome sign

After your letters have dried use wood glue to attach them to the base and let dry over night. You might need to put some kind of weight on them to get them to secure to the board. My letters stayed fairly easy without any weight.  Make sure to wipe any excess glue off before it dries! Another good idea is to spray the sign with a clear coat that will protect your welcome sign from the weather after everything has dried.

And Here it is, My very own custom easy to make welcome sign. I honestly love how it looks without the flowers too. I would have also been fine leaving the letters white as well, but I am trying to break out of my non color ways and do something fun.  I really love it and it was so EASY! Gotta love when somethings cute and easy to add a special touch to your front porch!

Finished product:

Welcome sign



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