Rustic Pallet Sign made easy

Rustic Pallet Sign

Rustic Pallet Sign - Home DecorWho doesn’t love a rustic pallet sign? Well, I am sure there are lots of people who don’t. But if you do love them, why not make them yourself! It is an easy creative way to create your own home decor that everyone wants to own. Plus it will be a one of a kind master piece that you’ll be the one lucky owner.

I love being creative and trying new things. So I thought I’d share my process with you. I have to give my boyfriend credit for helping me with some of the more technical parts of this sign. I am sure I could learn to take a pallet apart and I could probably get it to stick together making a big FAT mess along the way. Lucky me I don’t have too! He can figure out how to make that mess better than me and I get to reap the rewards! If you are lucky enough to have a handy man or you are great with tools this will be a cinch. If not you can always go to a craft store an buy a premade pallet sign to design with your own creative text and paint.

Enough about me, Here are the steps I have taken to create this sign:

Pallet boards

1. find a pallet to disassemble and remove all the nails. I opted to not sand my sign. I had just moved to a new home where the previous owner was nice enough to agree to leave their old pallets behind. You can find them online in classified adds for free most of the time so they are pretty easy to come by. I love the rustic charm of weathered wood, so I left mine outside to get the look I was looking for. My boyfriend helped me find the boards I wanted to keep and he used a pry bar and hammer to disassemble this and one more pallet to get the best boards for my sign.

Pallet boards

2. At this time you would want to sand the wood if that was the look your going for. I like the rough wood so I decided to keep it as is. The next thing is to line your boards up and arrange them horizontally or vertically staggered or not and make them with numbers so you can remember which one goes where. Mark you boards to show where your cuts will need to be and cut them.

Pallet boards

3. The next step is to assemble your sign so that it will not fall apart. My boyfriend decided to take two leftover long pieces of pallet wood and staple them to the back. He also glued each piece with wood glue and added a little bit of liquid nails to the back piece where there were big gaps. I think next time we may find a better, prettier way to do this but for now I don’t plan on selling this sign and the back won’t be seen. You can find tons of tutorials on Pinterest if you would like to make this prettier. Here is the Pallet sign put back together. I did wash it down with and old cloth and water to get any dirt off the surface. I think it turned out nicely for our first try.

Pallet Sign

Ready to paint:

4. Your going to want to create your stencil next. I did this using Adobe Illustrator. I do realize most people don’t have this unless you work in the design field. It is a great tool for me and I just happen to have access to it. Another way to accomplish this is to use the software that comes with your cutting device. Which I hope you have because it is a life saver and totally worth the upfront cost. I use Cricut Explore Air. I bought this a few years ago while making Christmas gifts for my family. I love this machine and it has saved me sooooo much time. It was a great investment. And I am not paid to say so.

There are other ways to get your letters cut out. Even some websites that will do it for you. I cant say that I have used them, but I am sure they do a great job. Here is my vinyl stencil shown below after removing the left over stuff. This sign is pretty big so I had to cut it in 3 sections.

Cricut letter cut out

4. You will want to use a heavy duty transfer sheet to transfer you letters to the board. This part takes a lot of patients and I mean a lot! The boards are uneven and the letters do not stick easily. After you get it laid out on your board rub your fingers along the letters to make sure they are on as good as possible.

I learned another trick for wood that did help some on this project but would probably work really good for smooth wood. I used Mod Podge that I purchased at my local Michael’s craft store. You will want to brush it on the edges of your letters to seal the vinyl to the boards. Let it dry before painting.

Pallet Sign Mod Podge

5. Ready to paint! This is the fun part. Be creative… I chose to keep it simple. and use a white chalk paint and old medium sized to small paint brush to just quickly add my strokes leaving some of the wood showing, especially around the edges of the sign. I did try to cover the letters well so that it would be readable when finished. Once you are done painting you can use you vinyl picking tool to pick the letters off the board.

Pallet Painted sign

I am very happy with my final product. Cant wait to hang it up and show it off.
Finished Sign

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